Day ?? of ??

It has been way too long since I’ve had a chance to post. I tried the other day but I could not get the photos to load to the page. While I haven’t had much time for blogging, I have been building up my photography supplies. In the last few weeks I’ve purchased some books on photography. I’ve also added new lens hoods, lens filters and even splurged on a backdrop stand. I have two softboxes coming just in time for my niece’s valentine’s day/3 mos old photo shoot.

These few photos are some from years ago and a some from the past week or so.

This first one is from a trip that my oldest daughter and I took to Minnesota in 2011. I’ve never seen so much snow! BTW… Been having a heck of a time getting Elements to put my watermark on my photos. It will show up on some pictures but not on others. Lightroom was way easier to figure out.




This next picture I took last week. The weather has been gloomy and the natural light in the house is awful at best. I was trying to play with my new backdrop stand and Bella wanted in on the photo shoot.


I have a thing about reflections and we had some rain the past few days. Was happy when I pulled into my court and saw this puddle in the street. Loved the reflection of the trees in the water.


This last one was taken in 2012 when we were in Hawaii. I believe this was as we were walking the path up to the entrance to Diamond Head. There is something about the colors of the sky in Hawaii that seem also unreal. It is just so vibrant.


I will have more to post this week since I’ll be doing another photo shoot for my niece.




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