365 Challenge

What is it about the kids’ first week back to school after vacation that turns MY life upside down?? This past week my younger two went back to school and my eldest headed back east to college so my week was not my own. I did get to take a few pictures last Sunday of my monkey and this Sat of my cutie pie niece Brooklyn and I am also including a few pics I took last year that I practiced my editing on. Hoping to get caught up this week since things should be back to “normal.” LOL

This first picture is of Brooklyn and she is NOT happy with the beret we put on her head. LOL


My niece is in her smiling and cooing phase which is adorable! The only time she stops is when I bust out with the camera. UGH. It took about 50 shots to get one of her where she was actually smiling. It’s not as sharp as I would like because she was moving around a bit. But she’s still cute.


This next one is an old one of my sister that I took when she was pregnant with Brooklyn. I think this was taken in late October/early November. We used an idea I got off of Pinterest with the tag and the due date.


This last one is of my monkey and my older daughter playing at the park. We spent the day with monkey so my girl could get her monkey fix since we won’t see her back home until May/June. 😦 This little boy is a bundle of energy but he’d only go through the tunnel if cousin was on the other side waiting for him. Love him.

tunnel (1 of 1)


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