365 Challenge

Been away from the computer since about Sunday due to our annual NYE trip to Disneyland. But I did take a ton of pics to share and here are a few. 

This first one is a back view of Cinderella’s Castle. With the crowd being what it was, it was impossible to get a good shot of the front of the castle.




This next one is a reflection of the Ferris Wheel in Paradise Pier. We were waiting for the World of Color show and I loved the way the colors reflected off the water. 



Okay… so I am a bit obsessed with reflections. This one is during the day and again, reflections in the water in Paradise Pier. 






I love living in California because only in Cali will you get 70+ degree weather at the end of December. I was waiting for the kids to get off a ride and looked up to notice the blue sky and palm trees. ❤



Tried to get a good shot of the Xmas tree on Main St in Disneyland. It’s hard with the lighting/darkness/etc. Tried several settings and liked this particular shot. As always…. a work in progress. 



I took a picture of my kids in front of this tree in California Adventure then decided to get up close and personal as you can see by my reflection in the ornament. 



We have watched World of Color a number of times. We love it and are glad that they change the show routinely. This year was holiday themed and it was amazing. 



Another shot of World of Color. It was hard to get the coloring in the picture to accurately reflect the colors in the show. Not quite sure why that is but I am going to research that. 





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