Day 2 of 365

I was so committed to taking pictures today I carried my camera around me with all day. Talk about a kink in the neck! Was out and shopping at 745am and didn’t get the picture taking done until after 4 when we got back home and got the xmas tree up. I always see something that “would make a great picture” but of course don’t have my camera with me. Today… had the camera all day and didn’t see anything that piqued my interest. Go figure. LOL

The first picture is my try at a working with the light, the tree and my sister/niece. I liked the reflection of the lights on the back window. I would like for my sister/baby to have been more defined and not as dark but that is a work in progress.


In this second one, I am trying to create bokeh with the xmas lights. Hoping to get another shot in the upcoming days of my niece with the bokehish ( is that a word?) tree behind her. I am very new at focusing manually so I am not 100% happy with this shot. I think maybe it’s too unfocused, but I’ve got another what, 20+ days to try again with the xmas tree so I may post another one.


BTW… I just downloaded Adobe Lightroom. Long story… couldn’t download it at first because my Mac didn’t have the right OS. Tried to update the OS but couldn’t because my computer didn’t have enough memory. Finally cleared up memory, upgraded OS and downloaded lightroom only to find out the the EOS utility that I had isn’t compatible with the new OS. OMG. I can import pix in lightroom so crisis averted but that is how I spent my Saturday.


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